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A Queen for a King

“I’m going to disappoint you. But you knew that already.” The Nergal smirked at the emaciated old man. “You are not scared to die?” William whispered, knowing that Nergal could appropriate his thoughts anyway, “What have I to lose, demon?”... Continue Reading →

A Cab Ride

Rohit’s phone, lying on the coffee table near the unused twin bed, started buzzing just when he entered the shower and let the warm water wash away his somnolence. He yelled diatribes in his mind and his lips synced with... Continue Reading →


Lolita heard the high pitched whine of an aircraft flying above her, and her coffee-brown eyes instinctively darted to the sky to trace its path. It reminded her of her earlier years, when she used to travel with her parents... Continue Reading →

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